Q. What services do you offer? 

I have an open channel of communication to Divine Source, from which I can channel messages through guided writing, to deliver answers from your Divine Higher Self.

I choose to connect and communicate directly with your higher consciousness - your Higher Self, your Soul, your inner truth.  This way I can cut through the ego and go straight to the higher answers you seek regarding your soul path, life purpose, career, relationships and any other areas you need guidance in.   

I am dedicated to helping you discover your inner truths of who you are and why you came to be here, as well as to assist you in navigating challenges, clearing roadblocks and any lower energies keeping you from reaching your limitless potential. 

Q. Who is my Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is your connection to the Divine.  The part of you that connects directly to the higher realms.  It is your connection to Source/God/Universe.  It is your eternal self, the part of you that is infinite and offers wisdom and knowledge that transcends human consciousness.  

The information that comes through is a guide from your eternal truth.  The part of you who has no fear, only love. 

The part of you who seeks only a peaceful and loving resolution to any issue.

The part of you that can see a bird's eye view of your life and purpose.  It knows you better than you know yourself for it can remember all previous incarnations. 

Your Higher Self can give you a broader perspective on where you life is headed and what action you can take now to get the most out of your journey. 

Your soul wants the very best for you.  We are all able to listen to our soul and tap into its infinite wisdom, however through fear and pain, sometimes we lose this connection.  This is why I have been given these gifts, to help you communicate directly with your soul.  To clarify your life purpose and to get you back to the happy  and harmonious life we all deserve to live.  In alignment with our Soul's truth, with love, trust and harmony. 

I choose to only work in the higher realms because this is where I feel I can be of most benefit and there is less interference from lower energies.

Q. Why do you offer written answers?

The written word is focused and concentrated.  Often when we contact our guides or Higher Self through thought or spoken word, the message can be marred by our ego. The written word can be more concise and unaltered by the ego if the proper intention is set.  

They are pure and direct messages from Source consciousness.  The messages can be kept for future reference. Often, reading them multiple times can bring about different information.  The Angels sometimes like to be a little cryptic in their language and often hide hidden messages that will only reveal themselves over time.  Please take time to read and reflect on the messages provided.  

Q. What sort of questions can I ask?

My passion and life purpose is to help guide YOU in your own life purpose.  Through contacting your guides and Higher Self, you will be able to reach a new level of clarity and direction in your life.  Some examples of questions are:

What is my life purpose?

Do I have a Soul mate?

When will my finances improve?

Is my current job fulfilling my needs?

What is holding me back from reaching happiness?

Is my current relationship serving me?

What can I do to improve my health?

Q. How can I submit my questions? 

Please click on the QUESTION MARK image and select how many questions you would like answered.  Add them to your cart.  Once added, go through the checkout to the payment page and submit your payment.  

After submitting your payment, please use the 'contact' form to send me an email with your questions.    

Q. How long does it take to receive an response to my questions? 

 I will respond to your email as soon as I receive it in my inbox.  I will let you know an approximate time you can expect to receive your answers.  This depends on the quantity of questions you have.  The maximum amount of time it will take is one week from the time you have submitted your questions.